Improvisation, supported by robust IT systems, is one way to deal with disruptions that you just can’t plan for
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Purposefully deciding not to act when you easily could is an unheralded yet crucial strategic tactic

killing innovation

The practice of buying out the competition just to neutralize potential disruption has implications for both consumers and future innovation

autonomous bus

The arrival of self-driving vehicles and generational changes in consumer behaviour are forcing automakers to chart a new path

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You can learn a lot from distant competitors that your closest rivals overlook
traveller frustration
Does fierce competition lead to better quality products and services? The evidence in the airline industry suggests it does
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A smart national approach would focus on boosting public-private partnerships
60 minutesWednesday June 20, 2018 1:00 PM EDT
The time for complacency is over. Here’s how to develop coherence, coordination, and a direction for innovative gains
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home health monitoring
Beyond delivering innovative products, firms need to be more involved in delivering successful patient outcomes
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When you have imperfect information, perfection is your enemy
electronic medical record
Truly integrated health IT systems offer better quality of care
It’s easy for firms to feel overwhelmed by outside forces. They shouldn’t: most challenges brought on by disruption are under the control of organizational leaders
intellectual property
For firms desperate to restructure, intellectual property is in an asset class of its own
Wednesday October 18, 2017 1:00 PM EDT
Agility is an outgrowth of simplicity. And simplicity comes from a laser focus on the customer
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