bay street
We need to equip Canada’s financial sector to steer us through a global economic transition on our own terms
Shari Hughson on our survival instinct and why Millennials are not the Problem Generation but the solution to our gravest challenges
inuk mother and child

Taking a page from ethnographers, accounting researchers embed themselves in communities to learn the stories behind the numbers

Capital markets are penalizing firms that are slow to transition to a low-carbon economy. A credible way to measure carbon risk arrives just in time

google news
The European Union imposed a link tax on news aggregators like Google News. But the EU may be hurting the publishers it seeks to protect
thumbs up
Positive attitudes and "poster projects" go only so far. Better communications, training, and engagement will embed real gains
organ donation
How insights from behavioural economics can help solve thorny social issues
law and big data
A new lab uses artificial intelligence to help individuals and businesses resolve their legal disputes
paper airplane
How the aviation industry resisted, diluted, and ultimately subverted a concept that threatens its legitimacy
medical monitor watch
A new telemonitoring initiative reduces 911 calls and hospital visits while giving patients with chronic illness the paramedic support when it’s needed
In the 1990s, you could count on a financial payoff from a corporate social responsibility program. Today, not so much. What marketers need to know before jumping on the bandwagon
What organizations can do to make “economic reconciliation” a reality
segregated movie theatre
Not even the profit motive could counter the segregation of American theatres
medical record
A smart national approach would focus on boosting public-private partnerships

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