mindfulness at work
The practice of mindfulness has a positive impact on transformational leadership – but it’s not a cure-all

Strengthening Canadian Communities

Lessons from Fogo Island and beyond

It starts with a strong foundation: here are five steps to help your team develop a resilient streak

The unwillingness to act decisively is hardly benign. New research suggests passive leaders confuse and wear down employees

The episode features Mike Coyle, founding partner and vice-president of Reticle Ventures Canada, and Jim Leech, former president and CEO of the Ontari
This is the first episode in a series of conversations focusing on resilience of teams, organizations, and communities.
It’s easy for firms to feel overwhelmed by outside forces. They shouldn’t: most challenges brought on by disruption are under the control of organizational leaders
Worn out shoes
Minimum income initiatives and child credits the first steps of a long leadership track
Abusive leadership has lasting negative effects on athletes’ performance
Three questions to help you put shattered pieces back together
Thursday April 21, 2016 1:00 PM EDT
How to ensure your work teams thrive in uncertain conditions — and how to recognize when they need to be broken up
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When tragedy strikes a community, often what people need most is to find meaning in their everyday work
Lack of sleep affects our perception of work stress and levels of absenteeism

For time-pressured businesspeople and students, health-related goals often remain low on the list of priorities.

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