Global marketing strategy needs to be balanced with local relevance and response

For tech firms looking to scale at warp speed, marketers must get engineers and salespeople on the same page
Marketers are starting to win back the authority to deliver on their brands’ promise

Research reveals the best tactics for entrepreneurs to spread word of mouth via Twitter

How points, badges, and leaderboards can revive a dormant customer relationship

Why doesn’t negative word of mouth happen more often? Because we often feel we’re part of the problem

Ken Wong on new strains in the client-agency marketing relationship

Social groups help consumers build their identities. How do marketers fit in?

And once we decide who ‘you’ are, we may even survive to sell another day

Retail sales may send consumers to their happy places yet they are increasingly wise to the marketer’s ways

Many boneheaded business strategies have one thing in common: they overlook the customer
checking product

When it comes to quality assurance, management teams with personal stakes in product success do it best

From the basement to the boardroom: The analytics revolution is returning us to the Marrakech markets of old

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