Consumers rarely notice when manufacturers position their own salespeople in retail outlets. Those firms better hope consumers don't wise up

With the automation of many sales tasks, salespeople will need to focus on their own killer app - building relationships
Marketers are starting to win back the authority to deliver on their brands’ promise
Want to improve the consumer’s experience? You probably won’t find the answer in historical data
Marketing strategy must begin with the question: What is the problem that consumers are trying to solve?

A new model that accounts for how consumers view wait-or-buy decisions shows retailers how to harvest higher revenue from deeper discounts

Research reveals the best tactics for entrepreneurs to spread word of mouth via Twitter

How points, badges, and leaderboards can revive a dormant customer relationship

Why doesn’t negative word of mouth happen more often? Because we often feel we’re part of the problem

Ken Wong on new strains in the client-agency marketing relationship

Social groups help consumers build their identities. How do marketers fit in?

And once we decide who ‘you’ are, we may even survive to sell another day

Retail sales may send consumers to their happy places yet they are increasingly wise to the marketer’s ways

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