surgical teams
A study by Queen’s researchers points to the need for more leadership training among surgeons and their colleagues
millennials working
Yes, Millennials march to a different drummer. But similarities among all generations are the key drivers of high-performing workplaces
Agility is an outgrowth of simplicity. And simplicity comes from a laser focus on the customer
The cultural anchors that prevent a needed sea change in strategy
We can’t go five minutes without getting waylaid by text messages or emails. But there’s no need for shame: here’s how to make your tech interruptions work for you
If you need to kill complexity, here’s where you should train your guns
What astronauts can tell earthbound leaders on how to harness cultural diversity in their workplaces
Don’t rely on logic and reason alone. Emotions, expectations, and the environment can all inspire action
Making good public policy is hard enough without having to deal with peoples’ behavioural tics
Banking with Biases
Why data and behavioural science are a natural fit

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