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If developers working in artificial intelligence refuse to give users the opportunity to identify, judge, and fix mistakes, then they must be accountable for when biases take over
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You can learn a lot from distant competitors that your closest rivals overlook

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Innovation is not immune to unconscious gender, ethnic, or other biases. With the dawn of AI, the need to make new products or processes inclusive is more urgent than ever

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A new telemonitoring initiative reduces 911 calls and hospital visits while giving patients with chronic illness the paramedic support when it’s needed

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The practice of buying out the competition just to neutralize potential disruption has implications for both consumers and future innovation
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A market-hardened venture capitalist schools a couple of budding entrepreneurs, and learns a thing or two in the process

While design thinking has been associated with technology firms and start-ups, it is powerfully attractive to managers and leaders at established organizations such as retailers, banks, or government departments that are not necessarily based on technology yet are in the midst of change.

From an innovation charter to skill-building opportunities, these are the steps to take to surface and act on great ideas
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A smart national approach would focus on boosting public-private partnerships
60 minutesWednesday June 20, 2018 1:00 PM EDT
The time for complacency is over. Here’s how to develop coherence, coordination, and a direction for innovative gains
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Beyond delivering innovative products, firms need to be more involved in delivering successful patient outcomes
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They look like mission-focused champions who can balance stakeholder needs and stick to disciplined processes
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Intrapreneurs have feet in two worlds and it’s up to leaders to help them stay balanced
60-minutesThursday May 17, 2018 1:00 PM EDT
How to move beyond enthusiasm or confusion over artificial intelligence to position your organization for the coming revolution
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