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China’s leaders say future economic growth relies on high-quality development. It’s an opening that Canadian firms are poised to fill

What astronauts can tell earthbound leaders on how to harness cultural diversity in their workplaces
Consumers increasingly are going global yet strong sub-cultures still hold sway. How should marketing strategies keep up with the times?
60-minutesWednesday, July 12, 2017 - 1:00pm

Budding finance stars prep for the opportunities to come — wherever they may be

Three ways China’s economy is unlike any other

Diversity can be the engine that drives successful international joint ventures. But diversity can also destroy them with schoolyard behaviour

When the oil price cycle and the political cycle are out of whack, we’re doomed to be caught flat-footed

Developing countries that strengthen intellectual property rights attract a greater variety of imports in patent-intensive industries

Business success in China requires an understanding of the social ties underpinning B2B and B2G relationships

Tougher laws in China are aimed at making food safety scandals a thing of the past. But the real answer lies in more effective supply chain management

The Land of the Rising Sun once again looks promising to foreign investors. Where are the opportunities and what can you learn from Western managers who have mastered Japanese business culture?

On Edinburgh's Royal Mile, a search for Harris Tweed reveals the confident touch of the invisible hand

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