bad brexit
Canadian firms doing business in Europe and the UK desperately need the one thing they can’t have: clarity
london sunset

Hyper-connected metropolises have a lot to say about international commerce and the behaviour of multinational corporations

small globes

International success is a slow build for small and medium-sized firms. The ability to build alliances is key to thriving over the long haul

tokyo street crossing

It also creates an opening: a motivated workforce in Japan is ready and willing to sign on to smart, globally-minded Canadian firms

A primer on how we got to this state of affairs, and where it may all lead
protesting modern slavery
Souped-up supply chains and ghostly governance combine to victimize more than 40 million people
container port
Global value chains have been casualties — and life savers — in protectionist times
mine in conflict zone
Global supply chains need better paper trails to deal with human rights abuses in conflict zones
china bank
China’s leaders say future economic growth relies on high-quality development. It’s an opening that Canadian firms are poised to fill
By joining geographically-based industry clusters, small and medium-sized firms can access the “people and pipelines” necessary for international trade
globe migration
The gap between Canadian native inventors residing abroad and immigrant inventors residing in Canada is widening. A better innovation climate would help bridge the gap
Global marketing strategy needs to be balanced with local relevance and response
What astronauts can tell earthbound leaders on how to harness cultural diversity in their workplaces
Consumers increasingly are going global yet strong sub-cultures still hold sway. How should marketing strategies keep up with the times?

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