Toy R Us
How a full-on industry has sprung up to service firms in dire straits

For any other profession, customer relationship management is a great marketing tactic. For auditors, it makes them identify too readily with a client’s overly aggressive accounting approach

proxy voting

Companies can use “connected directors” to lessen the influence of proxy advisory firms on mutual fund firms

telephone coil

The many hidden ways your emotions affect your investment decisions, and how emotional intelligence can make you a savvier investor

early voting site
High social capital means a lower cost of loan capital
In applying a dose of reality to the cryptocurrency craze, the futures market lives up to its promise
The federal government may be undermining the climate for new venture investment
big fish swallowing
M&As have a reputation for draining the value of acquiring firms. It doesn’t have to be that way: a long-term focus and deep pockets flip the script
trucks at canada us border
Uncertainty on the trade front may mean capital investments are put on hold
man with magnifying glass
Some auditing firms are in denial about the corrosive effect of commercial pressures on their work
intellectual property
For firms desperate to restructure, intellectual property is in an asset class of its own
Investing for social good
How one Canadian foundation is going all in on impact investing
The era of responsible investment and impact investment has arrived. What investors need to know to thrive in these new markets
Bank Crisis
Financial market regulators try to calibrate their level of transparency based on the state of the economy. That’s easier said than done

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