working woman at night
When first-time entrepreneurs can learn from adversity and act proactively, the odds of business survival soar
SWFTCharge founders

A market-hardened venture capitalist schools a couple of budding entrepreneurs, and learns a thing or two in the process

How internal innovators can make their case and claim precious resources, and how leaders can create the space for them to succeed
older and younger workers

Intrapreneurs have feet in two worlds and it’s up to leaders to help them stay balanced

A new strategy framework helps entrepreneurs navigate the grey zone between testing out a new venture and actually committing to it
Does the influx of sharing economy platforms such as Uber help or hinder innovation?
Research reveals the best tactics for entrepreneurs to spread word of mouth via Twitter
You’ve got a boffo business idea. They’ve got the cash to invest. How will you convince them to pull the trigger?
The “great democratization of the start-up era” has arrived. What are you waiting for?
Passion is what drives the entrepreneur to invest superhuman effort in a new venture or product, right? Actually, we may have it backwards
Angel investors are becoming a greater force in the startup capital market and protecting themselves against venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs can be caught in the middle
60 MinutesWednesday June 17, 2015 1:00 PM EDT
Intellectual Property when Patents and Copyright Don’t Apply
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In entrepreneurial firms, IT may look out of kilter with the rest of the business. That is actually a good sign

In this paper for The Monieson Centre, the authors interview representatives of small family-based businesses in Lethbridge, Alberta, and eastern Ontario to identify characteristics that contribute to their success beyond the tenure of the founding entrepreneur.

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