software programmer
Here’s a mindful approach for IT leaders who want to capture the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence
store shopper

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold

Advertisers waste a lot of money by blindly assuming that cross-media interactions will always translate into sales gains. Here’s how they can solve that puzzle
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AI-powered algorithms can scan loan applications for words that are red flags

When it comes to products with a short shelf life, replenishing your inventory by instinct alone makes you easy pickings. Time to build your analytics toolkit
Blending analytics and intuition for marketing success

This discussion paper is based on the proceedings of a CIO Brief meeting focusing on the process of idea generation.

Forget about the Big Data lockdown. The real action is in co-creating new cloud-based services with customers and competitors
Peer-based advice on buying and selling stocks found on popular finance websites can offer valuable intel on company fundamentals and move stock prices
In the era of Big Data, marketing managers must move beyond analyzing aggregates of market data

Strategic Analytics refers to detailed, data-driven, analyses supporting outcomes of strategic importance for a company. We can distinguish two types of strategic analysis: the special, one-off, analyses required for major decisions (for example, corporate alliances, market expansions, new produc

Using analytics to discover your organization's hidden value

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