hockey faceoff
A new age of hockey analytics will redefine what it means to have puck smarts
Advertisers waste a lot of money by blindly assuming that cross-media interactions will always translate into sales gains. Here’s how they can solve that puzzle
toy robot

Here’s a mindful approach for IT leaders who want to capture the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence

store shopper

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold

How to move beyond enthusiasm or confusion over artificial intelligence to position your organization for the coming revolution
bias facial recognition
Innovation is not immune to unconscious gender, ethnic, or other biases. With the dawn of AI, the need to make new products or processes inclusive is more urgent than ever
compass hand
When you have imperfect information, perfection is your enemy
With the automation of many sales tasks, salespeople will need to focus on their own killer app - building relationships
data eye
The endgame is to change people’s behaviour at scale and undermine self-determination
It’s easy for firms to feel overwhelmed by outside forces. They shouldn’t: most challenges brought on by disruption are under the control of organizational leaders

This paper looks at the experience of Humber River Hospital and Reliance HomeComfort in developing digital partnerships to accelerate the pace of change.

Want a more well-rounded approach to using customer information? Let the C-Suite grab the reins
Don’t rely on logic and reason alone. Emotions, expectations, and the environment can all inspire action
Banking with Biases
Why data and behavioural science are a natural fit

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