computer team briefing
Look for these roles and overlapping skill sets to start capitalizing on the analytics revolution
How to move beyond enthusiasm or confusion over artificial intelligence to position your organization for the coming revolution
law and big data

A new lab uses artificial intelligence to help individuals and businesses resolve their legal disputes

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If developers working in artificial intelligence refuse to give users the opportunity to identify, judge, and fix mistakes, then they must be accountable for when biases take over

A Man Using Cloud Data Analytics
Get these building blocks in place to fulfill the analytics promise
When a new movie or book is rolled out in different formats over time, how do firms get the biggest bang from their advertising and viral campaigns?
Want to improve the consumer’s experience? You probably won’t find the answer in historical data
Facts Vs Feelings
Analytics is a hot topic in boardrooms but a survey shows intuition and experience are still highly valued
From the basement to the boardroom: The analytics revolution is returning us to the Marrakech markets of old
When it comes to products with a short shelf life, replenishing your inventory by instinct alone makes you easy pickings. Time to build your analytics toolkit
Wednesday October 15, 2014 1:00 PM EDT
Blending analytics and intuition for marketing success
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This white paper is based on the proceedings of a CIO Brief meeting focusing on the process of idea generation.

Forget about the Big Data lockdown. The real action is in co-creating new cloud-based services with customers and competitors
Peer-based advice on buying and selling stocks found on popular finance websites can offer valuable intel on company fundamentals and move stock prices

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