software programmer
Here’s a mindful approach for IT leaders who want to capture the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence
Advertisers waste a lot of money by blindly assuming that cross-media interactions will always translate into sales gains. Here’s how they can solve that puzzle
store closing sign

AI-powered algorithms can scan loan applications for words that are red flags

store shopper

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold

It takes a village to get artificial intelligence projects to the finish line. Prepare accordingly
virtual reality screen
When there’s a faint signal and loud noise, don’t get too far ahead of your business
walking on train tracks
We are in the middle of a winner-take-all industrial revolution powered in part by artificial intelligence. Many of our leading companies and employers are blowing it
computer team briefing
Look for these roles and overlapping skill sets to start capitalizing on the analytics revolution
law and big data
A new lab uses artificial intelligence to help individuals and businesses resolve their legal disputes
facebook news feed
If developers working in artificial intelligence refuse to give users the opportunity to identify, judge, and fix mistakes, then they must be accountable for when biases take over
mass media
Low-budget media channels have a surprising way of boosting the effectiveness of big-ticket TV placements
How to move beyond enthusiasm or confusion over artificial intelligence to position your organization for the coming revolution
bias facial recognition
Innovation is not immune to unconscious gender, ethnic, or other biases. With the dawn of AI, the need to make new products or processes inclusive is more urgent than ever
compass hand
When you have imperfect information, perfection is your enemy

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