How We Can Make the Future of Work Better

As COVID-19’s third wave wanes, many will start heading back to the office. But work will never be the same as before the pandemic. And that’s a good thing. In fact, we now have a golden opportunity to make work better than ever. How, and where to start? We asked 16 workplace leaders and experts for their thoughts in four key areas: leadership; teamwork; tech/office; and diversity and inclusion.

What’s Next for Leadership?

The coming months will present a massive challenge for leaders as they balance employee wants (as in “Let me keep working from home”) with their organization’s needs. One piece of advice comes from Roots’ CEO Meghan Roach. Leaders, she says, should “shift their attention to desired outcomes rather than exactly where or how employees accomplish them.”

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A New Era of Teamwork

During the pandemic, team leaders played a critical role in building and maintaining trust and connection within a virtual environment. So, what is the key to sustain team cohesion in a post-pandemic workplace—be it in-person, virtual or hybrid? Our experts weigh in.

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The Office of the Future Awaits

In the pandemic, many employees felt an urgency to get things done. And they did. Now it’s up to leaders to take the best of last year’s practices and technologies and add them to their organization's success strategy going forward. Or, as Professor Kathryn Brohman says: It’s time for leaders to “future-proof” the way they do business.

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Do Employees Feel They Truly Belong?

There is no question the events of the past year, such as the murder of George Floyd in the U.S. and the discovery of a burial site for children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, have had a resounding effect. These events, and others, have permanently altered the conversation around race, equity, diversity and inclusion.

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