The Hard Road of Female Founders

woman presentation

If it’s not implicit bias, then why do female entrepreneurs struggle to access venture capital?

Stereotypes around gender roles can make the uncertainties of entrepreneurship much harder to deal with
The difference between male and female entrepreneurs may have more to do with access to capital or lack of role models

Their secret: learn to work through — and embrace — negative emotions long before tough challenges arrive

bad brexit

Canadian firms doing business in Europe and the UK desperately need the one thing they can’t have: clarity

inuk mother and child
Taking a page from ethnographers, accounting researchers embed themselves in communities to learn the stories behind the numbers
marital discord
Romantic and family conflict can trigger destructive leadership behaviour, but solutions are within reach
Toy R Us
How a full-on industry has sprung up to service firms in dire straits
tokyo street crossing
It also creates an opening: a motivated workforce in Japan is ready and willing to sign on to smart, globally-minded Canadian firms
bay street
We need to equip Canada’s financial sector to steer us through a global economic transition on our own terms
WestJet airplane
An acquisition of Porter or a sell-off to a U.S. carrier may be in the wings
lab work
When the economy goes sour, firms tend to pull back on their research and development. Here’s why they should fight their instincts and forge ahead
connected nodes
They look like programming tools but they act as a powerful bridge to digital platforms and unimagined opportunities
jet pack
“Your entire life as an entrepreneur is figuring out little games every day… and there are always tricks”
virtual reality screen
When there’s a faint signal and loud noise, don’t get too far ahead of your business

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