Marketing with Analytics and AI

mass media

Low-budget media channels have a surprising way of boosting the effectiveness of big-ticket TV placements

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold
When overhauling their loyalty programs, firms can find a way to leave no customer behind and still make money
bay street

We need to equip Canada’s financial sector to steer us through a global economic transition on our own terms

lab work

When the economy goes sour, firms tend to pull back on their research and development. Here’s why they should fight their instincts and forge ahead

store shopper
Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold
proxy voting
Companies can use “connected directors” to lessen the influence of proxy advisory firms on mutual fund firms
Ever walk a mile in your customers’ shoes? Here’s how to figure out what really makes them loyal and keep coming back for more
thumbs up
Positive attitudes and "poster projects" go only so far. Better communications, training, and engagement will embed real gains
Once they are on the other side of the desk, they can undermine audit quality and independence
How former auditors from the Big Four navigate the professional and emotional minefield to private industry
bored worker
Searching for a mental health connection when leaders are missing in action
organ donation
How insights from behavioural economics can help solve thorny social issues
computer team briefing
Look for these roles and overlapping skill sets to start capitalizing on the analytics revolution
happy worker
How widely job satisfaction is shared across a business unit is a key factor in understanding employee productivity

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