Sharpen Your Decision Making

women looking upward

Good decisions usually require both hard facts and a well-grounded hunch. Here’s how to identify and leverage your intuition style

Improvisation, supported by robust IT systems, is one way to deal with disruptions that you just can’t plan for
Analytics is a hot topic in boardrooms but a survey shows intuition and experience are still highly valued
grocery store shelf

When positioning their own store brands, retailers benefit from knowing what consumers look for. When does it make sense for them to share these insights with national brands?

yorkdale shopping centre

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold

surgeon heart
How insights from behavioural economics can help solve thorny social issues
computer team briefing
Look for these roles and overlapping skill sets to start capitalizing on the analytics revolution
happy worker
How widely job satisfaction is shared across a business unit is a key factor in understanding employee productivity
Why we need to talk about a rarely acknowledged form of workplace harassment
working woman at night
When first-time entrepreneurs can learn from adversity and act proactively, the odds of business survival soar
london sunset
Hyper-connected metropolises have a lot to say about international commerce and the behaviour of multinational corporations
The fluid, responsive tactics that guide terrorist groups may have implications for organizations looking to become agile
law and big data
A new lab uses artificial intelligence to help individuals and businesses resolve their legal disputes
empty coal cars
Capital markets are penalizing firms that are slow to transition to a low-carbon economy. A credible way to measure carbon risk arrives just in time
oil sands
In the face of falling oil prices and rising interest rates, Canada’s economy remains buoyant. But the growth cycle is nearing an end

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