Associate Professor & Ian R. Friendly Fellow of Marketing

Dr. Ceren Kolsarici joined Smith School of Business as an Assistant Professor of Marketing in Fall 2009.

Before joining Queen's University as a faculty member, Dr. Kolsarici earned her Ph.D. in Marketing (2009) from McGill University. In 2008, she was distinguished as the American Marketing Association-Sheth Consortium Fellow. She was also nominated for national (SSHRC) and provincial (ADESAQ) doctoral dissertation awards by McGill University at the faculty level.

Dr. Kolsarici specializes in advertising, diffusion of new products, and pharmaceutical marketing. Her current research encompasses several critical areas including design and evaluation of integrated marketing communications campaigns, media selection and scheduling, marketing budgeting, and development of advertising creative strategies. In her research, she develops new models and methods to improve managerial decisions and marketing applications in practice, by helping managers better understand how marketing affects performance.

Ceren Kolsarici currently teaches marketing management, and integrated marketing communications at Smith. Her research has been published in prestigious journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, and International Journal of Research in Marketing. She has presented her research at UC Davis, Northwestern University, Erasmus University, Tilburg University, as well as national and international conferences in Australia, Belgium, US, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. 

Dr. Kolsarici also holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (2002) from Middle East Technical University, and an MBA (2004) from Bilkent University.

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