Episode No.1

Tough It Out? Kingston Police Finds Another Way

Defeating the tough cop stereotype
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Tough It Out? Kingston Police Finds Another Way

The essentials

This is the first episode in a series of conversations focusing on resilience of teams, organizations, and communities

The episode features Jana Raver, the Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Smith School of Business, and Antje McNeely, deputy chief of the Kingston Police. In this episode, Prof. Raver discusses what resilience means in the context of teams and organizations, and why there’s a dearth of research into what makes groups particularly fit for adapting to change. Can measures to build individual resilience be scaled up to a team or organizational level?
Deputy McNeely describes a variety of support mechanisms introduced in the Kingston Police to improve resiliency, including workplace training, peer support, and interactions with Verne, the facility dog who helps create a calm office environment. Among police officers, there is still the stereotype that officers must tolerate higher levels of psychological or physical discomfort, though attitudes are slowly changing.

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