The Science of Giving

Translating Consumer Psychology into Stakeholder Insight

In this session, Dr. LaBarge will review and integrate research from consumer psychology and discuss how these findings can be applied to better understand donors and volunteers.

Our discussion will include why and how they make the decisions they do about where and how much money and time to dedicate to charitable organizations.

By drawing from research in areas such as information processing, persuasion, decision-making, and self-identity, this session will contribute to a broader, data-based perspective on how to more efficiently and effectively communicate with key stakeholders of a non-profit organization.

Following the presentation will be a session dedicated to Q&A with our speaker.

Session Leader

Monica LaBarge

Dr. Monica LaBarge

Assistant Professor

Dr. LaBarge was born in Ottawa, Ontario and earned a B.Comm. and a M.Sc. in Marketing at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and a Ph.D. in Marketing at the University of Oregon. Her work experience includes: Corel Corporation, Proctor & Gamble, Raid the North Adventure Racing, Hill & Knowlton and High Road Communications. Prior to returning to Queen's as an Assistant Professor of Marketing, she held the same position at the University of Montana.

Dr. LaBarge's research interests center around public policy issues in marketing and how marketing can positively affect consumer well-being. Specifically, she has ongoing research projects in the areas of health promotion, charitable giving and non-profit marketing, as well as how vulnerable populations (such as older adults) cope with and overcome vulnerability in the marketplace. She is a frequent speaker on these topics to practitioner groups and media outlets including CBC Radio and Television, the Globe & Mail, the National Post, CTV, Global TV, Huffington Post, and other news outlets across Canada.