Episode 1

The Start-up Cycle Podcast: Discovery

Are entrepreneurs born or are they made? And what matters more when you are starting a business - passion or perseverance? This first episode of The Start-up Cycle explores these questions and more.
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Episode 1
What does it take to make it as an entrepreneur? And what does it take to get your idea off the ground? In this first episode of The Start-up Cycle, we explore the question of finding your feet as an entrepreneur, looking at everything from the ideal temperament, to the role between passion and perseverance. Featuring guests Elspeth Murray (Associate Professor and Associate Dean of MBA and Masters programs, Smith School of Business); Dave Jackson (President, Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas); Matthias Spitzmuller (Toller Family Fellow of Organizational Behaviour, Smith School of Business); and Erica Pearson (CEO, Vacation Fund). Your host is Meredith Dault.

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