New Tax Proposals: What Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Need to Know

The federal government may be undermining the climate for new venture investment
Monday Jan 22, 2018 1:00 PM EST
New Tax Proposals: What Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Need to Know

Proposed federal tax reforms now on the table are being touted as a fairer approach to tax policy. But from coast to coast, Canadian business professionals are concerned that the changes will damage the climate for new venture investment. The government’s plan to grandfather all wealth and tax new wealth differently, for example, would create a two-tiered system that would demotivate new entrepreneurs. And new rules for split income would increase complexity and uncertainty and threaten to clog the tax courts when they are already overwhelmed.

This comes at a time when other countries — notably the U.S. — are making it more attractive to set up shop. In a competitive global marketplace for investment, is Canada in danger of being left behind?

In this webinar, Smith School of Business experts Patrick Legresley and Jason Skilnick discuss how entrepreneurs and small business owners may be affected by the federal government’s tax proposals and how they can prepare for the new regime.

Participants will learn about:

  • The tax climate in Canada for new business
  • How Canada fits in with global trends in business taxation
  • Key provisions that most small business owners and entrepreneurs must be aware of
  • What business owners should consider under the new tax regime
  • The macro impact of these trends on small businesses that are competing against large public companies and nonresident-owned private companies.

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