Mobile Matters

Preparing your business for a multi-screen marketing world
Thursday May 30, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Mobile Matters

In a few short years, devices that were once considered simply “mobile phones” have changed our lives in ways that were previously relegated to the domain of science fiction.

Every day, millions of consumers step away from their PCs and carry the web in their pockets, putting the world at their fingertips at all times. Is your website ready for the influx of new screen sizes and on-the-go mentality of visitors?

Additionally, mobile users are social users – accounting for more than half of overall time spent within social networking applications. Using the latest mobile platforms, your customers are telling stories with newfound creative flair - can your brand say the same?

In this session, Neil Bearse will discuss critical concepts your organizations should be considering as you plan for life in the new multi-screen world.

  • The latest trends in mobile usage across key demographics
  • How organizations are fine-tuning their web presence to increase conversions for important mobile visitors
  • How to take advantage of the creativity and connection offered by mobile devices
  • How intelligent applications can create powerful brand interactions

Following the presentation will be time dedicated to Q&A with our speaker, aiding in real-world application of theoretical concepts.

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