Healthcare Innovation: The Case for a National Strategy

The time for complacency is over. Here’s how to develop coherence, coordination, and a direction for innovative gains
Wednesday Jun 20, 2018 1:00 PM EDT
Healthcare Innovation: The Case for a National Strategy

According to the recently published A Canadian Healthcare Innovation Agenda, we need more “Canada” in our healthcare system to reverse the country’s underachieving performance relative to other developed nations. To connect our “islands of innovation,” Canadians require an overall strategic approach for innovation to align our federal and 13 systems, guide investment decisions, and maximize the benefits for all, including marginalized populations.

In this webinar, Smith School of Business professor Scott Carson is joined by Neil Fraser, president of Medtronic Canada, to discuss why a national healthcare innovation strategy is necessary and how it can be developed. Key steps include a values-based approach, a relentless effort to break down barriers, and collaborative partnerships between government and business.

The webinar will draw from A Canadian Healthcare Innovation Agenda, co-edited by Carson with contributions from Fraser and others.

This session will explore the following issues:

  • What does healthcare innovation really mean?
  • What are its enablers and barriers?
  • What might a national innovation strategy look like?
  • What governance structures and new agencies should be part of the agenda?
  • How can industry partner with the healthcare sector to deliver successful patient outcomes?

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