Fraud Happens!

How to determine if your organizational climate is fraud-friendly
Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Fraud Happens!

As much as you may want to believe that your organization is immune, it happens more often, and in more places than you might think. Research has revealed a phenomenon called the “fraud triangle” – the existence of three factors that increase the likelihood that fraud is occurring within an organization.

These factors are: Opportunity, Incentive (Pressure) and Attitude (Rationalization)

Professor Pam Murphy will present an executive summary of her research into fraud. She has interviewed and surveyed fraudsters themselves, in order to get a first-hand account of what they were thinking when they committed fraud. In this webinar, she will share some statistics and stories about fraud and organizational climates that are prone to fraud. Her findings have practical implications for organizations. She will discuss potential fraud prevention and detection ideas.
In this webinar you will learn:
  • The organizational climate that increases the probability of fraud
  • The process of rationalization, and how it allows otherwise ethical individuals to perpetrate fraud without guilt
  • How to detect the existence of fraud within your organization
  • What can be done to prevent fraud within your organization

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