Doing Business in China

The art of networking and sustained business success
Wednesday May 14, 2014 1:00 PM EDT
Doing Business in China

In China, with a cultural tradition that emphasizes human connections dating back thousands of years, effective networking is crucial for long-term business success. While seemingly perplexing for many foreign business people, the Chinese art of networking can be mastered if its underlying principles are understood.

In this session, Nailin Bu, Associate Professor of International Business, will illustrate the core principles of Chinese interpersonal relationships, discuss the need for foreign business people to reorient themselves to a profoundly different world view when doing business in China, and explore the specific approaches to engage Chinese business partners.

Topics covered will include:

  • How do interpersonal relationships in China differ from those in North America?
  • How to introduce yourself to break the ice and make an impression?
  • How to bond with business partners through positive interactions?
  • How to strengthen relationships through commitment and reciprocity?

Who should attend?

Executives interested in building rewarding and sustained relationships with Chinese business partners in China or globally.

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