CIO BRIEF: Setting an Innovation Agenda

From disruption workshops to robust action plans, LCBO, Deloitte Canada, and Canadian Tire show show how to play the catalyst role
CIO BRIEF: Setting an Innovation Agenda

This discussion paper is based on the proceedings of a CIO Brief meeting focusing on how CIOs can develop and set the pace for an innovation agenda.

Today, many CIOs are being challenged to bring more innovation into their organizations with IT but are unsure how to go about it. Frequently, the business may not see immediate value in emerging technologies and there may be inadequate processes for identifying, experimenting with, and implementing promising new technologies and their applications. Finally, business leaders, cultures, and business processes, such as budgeting, may be resistant to new ways of working and collaboration, and act as barriers to change.

Contributing to this paper are John Henderson of LCBO, Terry Stuart of Deloitte Canada, and Eugene Roman of Canadian Tire. Henderson is responsible for Application Development and Support for all divisions of the LCBO, as well as Networks and Infrastructure for more than 630 retail stores. As Chief Innovation Officer for Deloitte Canada, Stuart leads its innovation strategy and is a member of Deloitte’s Global Innovation Network, as well as leading its Financial Services Consulting Practice in Canada. Roman is Chief Technology Officer for Canadian Tire, charged with bringing innovation to the company as quickly as possible. 

The paper looks at how an innovation agenda can be developed and driven by IT, the key questions that need to be addressed, and the fields that CIOs need to master in order to act as an innovation catalyst. 

The  paper is written by Heather A. Smith, a senior research associate, and James McKeen, emeritus professor, both of Smith School of Business.

CIO Brief meetings bring together chief information officers from leading Canadian organizations to exchange best practices around information technology management strategy. Membership is by invitation only.  The sessions are co-sponsored by Deloitte and Smith School of Business.

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