CIO Brief: Forging Partnerships in the Digital Age

How Humber River Hospital went from digital vision to operational reality
CIO Brief: Forging Partnerships in the Digital Age

This paper looks at the experience of Humber River Hospital and Reliance HomeComfort in developing digital partnerships to accelerate the pace of change. Humber's successful transformation is based on four themes: electronic information; mobile and connected; patient empowerment; and system automation. Reliance learned some crucial lessons in two pilot projects conducted with an app developer. While the partnership was ultimately dissolved, the firm is in a stronger positon for future initiatives.

The paper is based on the proceedings of a CIO Brief meeting focusing on how IT is being redefined. It is written by Heather A. Smith, a senior research associate, and James McKeen, emeritus professor, both of Smith School of Business. CIO Brief meetings bring together chief information officers from leading Canadian organizations to exchange best practices around information technology management strategy. Membership is by invitation only. The sessions are co-sponsored by Deloitte and Smith School of Business. For more information on this industry forum, go to:

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