Big Data Meets Big Decisions

Blending analytics and intuition for marketing success
Wednesday Oct 15, 2014 1:00 PM EDT
Big Data Meets Big Decisions

Great marketers know exactly who their customers are, what they value most, and how to connect with them on both cognitive and emotional levels. But they also know that this information is dynamic.  The consumer landscape is continuously changing, and reading the markets and making the right decisions is critical for ongoing success. How do great marketers make great decisions?
Today’s data-rich environment provides huge opportunities to track consumer response to your marketing efforts, changes in market structure, and trends that relate to the category.  It is estimated that using data analytics to improve decision-making can potentially have a 20-25% impact on a firm’s bottom-line.  However, marketing analytics comes with its own challenges - particularly finding its place in the organizational structure and its role in relation to more traditional decision-making based on managerial judgment and intuition.
This webinar discusses the rise and evolution of marketing analytics, its status in today’s businesses, senior management acceptance and its journey toward real-impact on managerial decisions. Through case studies, we will discuss how marketing analytics  can provide big value for your big data and help your company become more competitive and efficient.

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