Bad Apples at Work

Dealing With incivility, harassment, and bullying in the workplace

There has been increasing recognition in Canada that interpersonal mistreatment – ranging from incivility to harassment to bullying – is highly problematic for organizations, and consequently, legislation forbidding abusive behaviour at work has appeared in several provinces.

Leaders are now tasked with the goal of creating an organizational climate that prohibits these behaviours, but often approach the problem solely from the perspective of regulatory compliance.

In this session, Professor Raver will encourage a more strategic view on the prevention of employee misbehaviour. She will begin by identifying the nature of these harmful behaviours and the personal and organizational consequences they produce.

Then, drawing from research on the factors that inadvertently permit or encourage abusive behaviour, she will describe ways for leaders to more effectively prevent these harmful employee behaviours at work.

Following the presentation will be time dedicated to Q&A with our speaker, allowing for application of theoretical concepts to real-world situations.

Session Participants

Jana Raver

Dr. Jana Raver

E. Marie Shantz Professor of Organizational Behaviour
Jana Raver is the E. Marie Shantz Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, and is also cross-appointed to the university’s Department of Psychology. She is an authority on interpersonal relations and team dynamics at work, with a specific emphasis upon the ways in which employees build and sustain high-performance teams. She is also an expert on workplace diversity and cultural differences, and her award-winning research has been published in numerous prestigious journals.