Industry Testimonials

John Souleles

We are making huge strides in utilizing big data to drive new insights for business decision-making, and this is largely being driven by people with the kinds of skills the Queen’s Master of Management Analytics program is providing

John Souleles
Director, Business Intelligence
Bell Canada
Jerry Oglesby

We are pleased to be working with Queen's and their Master of Management Analytics program. I believe that graduates of this program will be in great demand 

Jerry Oglesby
Senior Director, Global Academic Program & Global Certification
Paul Zikopoulos

We've watched as corporations turn the discussion from “spending money to save money”, to “spending money to make money”, and that discussion is underpinned by the Big Data opportunity at every company's doorstep. There is a critical demand for people with the ability to analyze and create value from Big Data, and I believe the Queen’s Master of Management Analytics program provides the skills that are required. 

Paul Zikopoulos
Vice President
Information Management
Yuri Medvedev

For an organization to compete today, it has to embrace modern business complexity and harness the incredible power of data. Consistent, sustainable success is accomplished by winning at an analytical game: compete on analytics or prepare to be defeated. A successful business now requires a proficient team of managers with both an in-depth knowledge of analytical tools and expertise in business. This Queen’s program will allow corporations to build truly successful Business Intelligence teams by producing graduates with the knowledge and skills to be excellent business managers and analysts. 

Dr. Yuri Medvedev
Chief Mathematician
Bank of Montreal