Alumni Success Stories

Qahir Rajwani

Qahir Rajwani, MMA 2015
Principal, Business Analytics
Nomis Solutions
Toronto, ON

When Qahir started the program, he was a Senior Analytics Consultant at TD Bank. Upon Completion of the program, he was hired by Nomis Solutions as a Principal, Business Analytics, working with Big Data analytics and cutting edge technology to help banking clients optimize their pricing and profitability. He credits his previous banking experience and the Queen’s MMA program with enabling him to make this career move.

I would describe the Queen’s MMA program as cutting-edge. The faculty members were highly qualified and always approachable. The team-based approach was very beneficial for me, helping me to understand the different personality types we face in our everyday lives and how to deal with them in a mutually beneficial and productive manner. The Career Coaches were extremely helpful and played a critical role in preparing me for the next step in my career. I would absolutely recommend this program.

Shafiul Fuad

Shafiul Fuad, MMA 2014
Director, Database Marketing, Client Offers
Toronto, ON

When Shafiul entered the program, he was Senior Manager, Database Marketing at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. While in the program, he accepted the position of Director, Database marketing, Client Offers at CIBC.

I was looking for a program that would enhance my analytics skills. I believe Queen’s Master of Management Analytics program has enabled me to make a difference in the marketing area, leveraging available resources to build connections and uncover opportunities. The Queen’s name, the Toronto location and the fact that I could complete the program in one year, while I continued to work, made this an extremely attractive opportunity.

Jane Ho

Jane Ho, MMA 2014
AVP, Business Intelligence & Analytics
Toronto, ON

When she entered the program, Jane was Director Marketing & Marketing Analytics at Sun Life Financial. Shortly after completing the program, she joined TD as Analytics Leader in their Data Analytics and Reporting Centre of Excellence. She was subsequently promoted to her current position.

I chose the Queen’s Master of Management Analytics program in order to complement my business background with applied analytics knowledge. We leverage analytics extensively at work and I believe that the skills this program provided have been invaluable, enabling me to become a stronger leader of my analytics team.

Frederic Marier

Frederic Marier, MMA 2015
Senior Manager, Fraud Management and Analytics
Toronto, ON

At the time he started the program, Frederic was an Inventory Planner at Wolseley Canada, an international trade distributor of plumbing and heating products and supplier of building materials. While in the program, he accepted the position of Consumer Packaged Goods Advisor at AIMIA. He has since moved to CIBC as Senior Analytics Consultant.

My goal in pursuing this degree was to focus my career on the field of Analytics. Thanks to the program and the connections I made, I am now working at a global leader in loyalty analytics. It has opened so many doors for me and I am now considering career paths I could not have thought about before the program. Queen’s MMA has provided an amazing network, the faculty was incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, and the team-based approach was exceptional. I highly recommend this program.

Masoum Mosmer

Masoum Mosmer, MMA 2015
Director, Data Sciences 
Toronto, ON

At the start of the program, Masoum was an Analyst, Business Analytics & Financial Services at Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. While in the program, he accepted the position of Senior Consultant, Advanced Analytics at Aimia, a global leader in marketing and loyalty analytics. He was subsequently promoted to Manager, Advanced Analytics and then to Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics. He believes the Queen’s MMA program was instrumental in his career progress.

The program had a profound impact on my professional network. As well, it really balanced the analytical/technical aspects, with other essential skills such as business acumen, relationship management and delivering complex ideas to an executive audience. The instructors and guest speakers were absolutely top-notch, providing insights and stories that were truly inspirational. The team-based approach is fantastic and actually mimics the real world. This was a key differentiator for me. I would definitely recommend this program.

Brenda Yun

Brenda Yun, MMA 2014
Manager, Big Data Analytics
Samsung Electronics
Suwan, Korea

When Brenda entered the program, she was a Senior Business Analyst at the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), and had a strong interest in a managerial position in the private sector. Near the end of the program she began to explore opportunities and eventually accepted the position of Manager at the Big Data Centre of Samsung Electronics in Suwon, Korea.

I would describe the MMA program as intensive but very worthwhile. I had been working in Business Intelligence and analytics for 6 years, but mainly at the descriptive level. The program taught me various tools, techniques and industry trends. This prepared me well to effectively communicate with PhD level colleagues at Samsung today. The team-based approach was very beneficial and the classroom facility was simply great. I will recommend this program to analytics professionals interested in advanced analytics as well as others interested in a career switch to the field of analytics.

Sean O’Brien

Sean O’Brien, MMA 2014
Director of Analytics and Research
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Toronto, ON

When he started the program, Sean was an Analyst at MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment), focused entirely on the Maple Leafs and Raptors ticketing business. Upon completion of the program, his role significantly expanded to Manager Data Science & Research, broadly and strategically focused on all MLSE business operations.

This is an innovative, world-class program. It brings together some of the best and brightest analytics minds in Canada, and creates an environment that inspires innovation, creativity, and shared learning. It has had a profoundly positive impact on my career and my life. I learned an incredible amount about business, leadership, and myself through the faculty, my team and our Team Coach. I would strongly recommend the program.

Coco Rao

Coco Rao, MMA 2014
Senior Associate, Business Consulting
Sapient Global Markets
Toronto, ON

Coco entered the program directly after completing her undergraduate degree in Applied Economics. A few months into the program, she accepted the position of Associate, Financial Management and Analytics at Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets. She recently joined Sapient Global Markets as Senior Associate, Business Consulting

I really enjoyed the team-based approach in the program. It prepared me well to be an effective team player and leader, which has been of great benefit in my work at Scotiabank. The professors had deep industry knowledge and really focused on the skills that we would need to be successful in analytics. We also had a great deal of exposure to industry experts throughout the program. Queen’s MMA provides an extensive understanding of analytics and a very strong alumni network. I am proud of my work at Scotiabank and QSB has most certainly empowered me to be who I am today.

Emily Chambers

Emily Chambers, MMA 2014
Consultant, Management Science and Integration - Revenue Management and Analytics
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Orlando, Florida

When Emily started the program, she was a Senior Audit Associate at EY (Ernst and Young). After completing the program, she accepted a position with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Orlando, as an Integration Consultant on the Management Science and Integration team, within Revenue Management. In this position, she provides analytics solutions to Disney’s media networks, while gaining valuable exposure into how analytics is being applied throughout the Disney organization.

Without the Queen’s MMA program, I would not be where I am today. Through the program, I was able to connect with a Disney executive who gave a presentation to our class on how Disney was using analytics. He put me in contact with some people within his organization, which led directly to my current position. The Queen’s MMA program is relevant and very enlightening. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into the growing field of management analytics.

Brice Chan

Brice Chan, MMA 2014
Senior Manager, Analytics
Toronto, ON

When Brice started the program, he was a Project Manager at IBM. Upon completion, he joined Deloitte as a Senior Consultant in the Information Management and Analytics Technology practice. A year later, he was promoted again to Senior Manager.

The Queen’s MMA program accelerated my career and has been fundamental to my success since graduation. The program provided me with the technical foundation and business context needed to be successful as a consultant advising clients on analytics. I am a strong advocate of the MMA program and the value that it provides to graduates in such a short time. At Deloitte we see the competitive edge the program brings and will continue to identify and recruit top talent from future classes

Amarachi Miller

Amarachi Miller, MMA 2015
Director, Product Management 
Toronto, ON

When he entered the Queen’s MMA program, Amarachi was Marketing Technology Lead, Customer Intelligence at Rogers Communications. Upon completion of the program, he accepted the position of Director, Product Management, Media and Customer Analytics at MasterCard Advisors, the professional services arm of MasterCard Worldwide.

I would recommend the Queen’s MMA program without reservation. It changed my life, both professionally and personally. During the program, I was able to network extensively across industries and was introduced to the MasterCard Advisors team through a member of the MMA Advisory Board. The program content was broad and thought-provoking and the class discussions became exponentially more exciting and intellectually stimulating as we progressed in the program. The team-based approach really changed the way I look at my leadership responsibilities today.

Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins, MMA 2014
Director of Analytics North America
The Exchange Lab
Toronto, ON

When Chris entered the program, he was Senior Manager Digital Research and Analytics Shaw Media. After completing the program, he moved to The Exchange Lab, a global digital marketing company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto and Singapore.

I chose Queen's Master of Management Analytics for several reasons: the strong reputation of Smith School of Business; the opportunity to earn the degree while I continued to work; and the strong focus on analytics within a business context. As we continue to build a data driven culture within our organization, this program will support me in my current job and ensure that I have the right mix of skills for the rest of my career.

Chris Hopkins

Peter Cuthbert, MMA 2014
Director, Customer Analytics
Shoppers Drug Mart
Toronto, ON

When Peter started the program, he was Director, Business Planning & Analytics with the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG). He was presented with several job offers, both during and after the program and, nine months after graduation, he decided to join Fairmont Raffles Hotels International (FRHI) as Executive Director, Customer Insights & Analytics. He recently joined Shoppers Drug Mart as Director, Customer Analytics.

As one of the more experienced students in the class, I found the program really augmented my practical analytics and business experience. More importantly however, the program provided a consistent focus on the application of cutting edge techniques and practices in real world scenarios. The team-based approach was a highlight of the program. We were all genuinely vested in driving each other’s overall performance. I left the program with a tremendous life experience and relationships I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Brad Kent

Brad Kent, MMA 2015
AVP, Program Analytics
Loyalty One
Toronto, ON

When Brad entered the program, he was Director, Business Insights & Business Intelligence at Workopolis. Upon completing the program, he was promoted to Vice President, Analytics. He is now Marketing Analytics Leader at Loyalty One.

For someone interested in analytics and really wanting to be the conduit between the technical side and the business side, it’s a great program. If you make the most of the opportunity, it can be a career changing program.