Shaozhi Wang

I chose the MIB program because ...

I am eager to learn more about building leadership and trust in a multicultural context, allowing me to gain global networks and connections. This program can provide me with the right intensity and creativity. Specifically, the international consulting project has interested me the most, as it enables me to get to know the consulting industry and interpret knowledge into the position of an individual firm. The hands-on experience can help me understand how to solve real business issues as a team and improve my professionalism in business. Another reason why this program is unique is because of the international exchange opportunities. The opportunity to study at a European business school can further expand my experience in international business and broaden my insights into the corporate world.

  • Citizenship: Chinese
  • Undergraduate Institution: York University
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Commerce with Honours
  • Program Track: Single Degree
  • Target Industry: Consulting/Professional Skills
  • What countries have you lived in? China, Canada
  • What countries have you studied in? China, Canada
Shaozhi Wang

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