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Career Support

While in the program, you will have full access to the services of the Smith Career Advancement Centre. The role of the Centre is to enhance your job search by equipping you with the tools, skills, and information you need to achieve your career goals. Download our Job Acquisition Report

Hiring our Graduates

Career Coaching

Our team of professional Career Coaches is available to work with you to define your career objectives, and, if required, help shape your job-search strategy and fine-tune your resume, cover letter and interview skills.

Career Development Sessions

Smith provides career-related information sessions, seminars, workshops and conferences to help you create and implement effective career management strategies.

Online Resources

Smith also provides a broad range of online resources for networking, career planning and employment opportunities.

Annual Networking Event

Each year, the program hosts annual networking events for current students and alumni. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet and speak with people who have completed the program and embarked on their careers.


of students acquired jobs within 6 months of graduation

Average base salary:

Employment By Location
Canada 54%
Europe 32%
Asia 8%
Australia 2%
Middle East 2%
USA 2%

Employment by Industry