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Oct, 2019

Finding my MIB Pathway

Posted By: Janane Nagasivakumaran on Oct 22, 2019

One of the unique features of the Smith MIB experience is the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' options that it provides. Hear from a current MIB student about how she selected her adventure!


Oct, 2019

Reflecting on Orientation Week

Posted By: Amir Azad on Oct 07, 2019

Each year we start the program off with a 2-week orientation and program launch that exposes our new class to a number of workshops, classes and sessions designed to help enable their success in the program. Here are some reflections from one student on his experience.


Sep, 2019

Welcome to Smith's Master of International Business

Posted By: MIB Student Executive Council, Class of 2020 on Sep 24, 2019

We start the year off with a welcome from the Student Executive Council, our student leadership organization, elected each year by the incoming MIB class.


Jul, 2019

What's in an Exchange?

Posted By: Kerri Regan on Jul 03, 2019

Read some highlights from a current MIB student who has recently completed her semester exchange in France. Sugandha has taken full advantage of all that exchange has to offer.


Apr, 2018

A long awaited journey

Posted By: Daphné Croteau on Apr 03, 2018

Daphné's desire to be a part of the Queen's MIB program began in the early days of her bachelor studies. Little did she know the program would be a far more dynamic experience than even she anticipated.