Why I Chose Queen's Master of International Business

Posted By: Precious Nyarko-Antwi on March 13, 2018

Precious Nyarko-Antwi

Cultural diversity, outstanding reputation, team-based consulting project, and mandatory exchange. These are the things you are guaranteed to be a part of when you decide to pursue the Queen's MIB program. These, coupled with being taught by renowned professors in their fields and the many administrative resources at your disposal, makes this program an excellent prospect that cannot be passed on.

I decided to pursue this program because I was looking for an opportunity that would enable me to broaden my scope. I have gained invaluable skills such as working in a multicultural and virtual team, skills that are imperative in today's business environment and ever shrinking global village. As someone who wants to explore internationally, this program has also provided me with skills necessary to conduct business on a global scale, enabling me to appreciate diversity in order to thrive in a cross-cultural environment. I have been able to gain more confidence and develop my presentation skills due to the team based approach, the applied nature of the teaching and the many, many presentations that this program has exposed me to. I have acquired knowledge pertaining to different cultures and interacted with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, gaining first-hand experience on different cultural dynamics and behaviors. Moreover, I have formed such great connections with the various students within the program which I never imagined in such a short amount of time.

Precious Nyarko-Antwi is a single degree student in the Queen's MIB program. She joined the program in September 2017 and will complete her studies with a 3-week exchange to WU - Vienna University of Business & Economics in Austria this summer. Precious is also a member of our Student Ambassadors network and we have enjoyed having her as part of the Class of 2018!

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