Maxfield Materne

Why did you choose the GDB program?

When I first learned about the GDB, I initially saw it as a fantastic way to learn a massive amount in a short period of time. I had always been interested in business and had shown a knack for it while running my own company for a summer; however, I didn't have the knowledge to be of immediate value in a larger organization. The GDB offered me a way to bridge that knowledge gap while further developing the skills that employers look for, namely communication and team work. The team focus at the GDB, taken from the Queen's MBA model, is where the GDB really differentiates itself from the crowd and was the biggest selling point in my decision to apply to the program. My experiences so far in the program have reinforced this belief as I can already see the massive positive differences to both my teammates and myself.

Post-Program plans

I am really interested in content creation and experiential marketing as a means of increasing a brand's reputation. As a result I will be seeking positions in the sports or travel industries that encourage me to apply my background in business, psychology and photography in a creative way.

  • Undergraduate Institution: Queen's University
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science - Psychology Major