Timber Shao

Timber Shao ('19)

While I was doing my undergrad in biomedical science, I realized that I didn’t really enjoy doing a lot of research and decided I wanted to pivot into business to do marketing, which is something I knew I was really passionate about. The GDB was a great stepping-stone that allowed me to gain the professional training and education necessary to jump into the business industry.

I didn’t have any full-time job experience before the GDB, so the team-based learning aspect of the program was really my first opportunity to work with peers who had different backgrounds and experiences than myself. This helped build my interpersonal skills. I was able to learn from working with my peers so closely, and then bring what I learned to the professional workplace; I think that was the best part of the GDB.

The content of the marketing course was also something I really enjoyed and found helpful, especially in the context of my current position. The leadership course and the HR course also taught me knowledge and skills that have helped me navigate my roles since graduating from the program.

Pay attention to any of the workshops that are given in addition to the normal course load; I found them very helpful. Another piece of advice is network, network, network! Make sure you build those relationships with your peers as well as your professors. Also, ensure you spend time with your peers outside of the classroom and team working sessions. Make sure to build personal relationships so that you can effectively function as a team and make long-lasting connections.

  • Undergraduate institution: Queen’s University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BScH Specialization in Biochemistry
  • Current Position: Brokerage Coordinator at JLL Canada
ATimber Shao

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