Shawn Wu

Shawn Wu ('19)

When I first started my undergrad in 2014, I originally wanted to go into medicine. Around my third year, I started becoming more interested in business. I started researching post-graduate business programs. Among the different options was the GDB at Smith, and the program immediately caught my attention. Eventually, I chose the GDB for five reasons: i) the program was open to students from diverse educational disciplines, and therefore I could complement my health science background; ii) Smith is ranked as one of the top business schools in Canada with amazing staff and faculty members; iii) the program provided graduate-level courses, which not only meant that it was an exciting challenge, but it also gave students the option to return to Smith and complete their MBA in the future; iv) the program focused intensely on team building; and v) there was a career advancement centre to help students prepare for the job market. These factors made the Smith GDB program an incredible experience.

Although the program was only four months, it gave me a solid foundation for my career trajectory. After finishing the program, I joined a biotech start-up as a business development associate. A lot of the tools and skillsets I had learned during GDB allowed me to excel in the role. In addition, the GDB also gave me a sense of clarity in that it made me better understand how to specialize while still being dynamic. The program not only helped me break into the start-up space, but it also helped me realize the importance of upskilling. As such, I’m currently taking courses in accounting and finance with the goal of being more adaptable, while potentially pursuing a career in venture capital in the future.

If you’re feeling unsure about enrolling in the GDB but you’re interested in business and there are no major obstacles stopping you, I would definitely say take the chance and go for it. Be sure to mentally prepare yourself because 10 courses in four months can be intense, and some courses will be very challenging. Nonetheless, the GDB will be an incredible experience, especially with the amazing group of staff, faculty members and students.

  • Undergraduate institution: McMaster University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Current Position: Business Development Associate at BIOSA Technologies, Certificate in Accounting-Finance Candidate at Ryerson University
AShawn Wu

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