Shaarujaa Nadarajah

Shaarujaa Nadarajah ('19)

I had work experience in a business operations role and was looking for a shorter program that would provide me with the business fundamentals that would help me get my foot in the door for interviews that would not consider me with just my BSc degree. The GDB was a great option that allowed me to do a number of core MBA courses with the opportunity to return and complete the Full-time MBA program at Smith later. Smith’s reputation precedes it, and it possesses great connections that allow alumni to access their network and career postings. I was also impressed by the GDB director, program manager, and the overall atmosphere at Smith. I was motivated to come to Kingston and complete the accelerated program in only four months as it didn’t take me out of the job market for too long.

The GDB taught me how to manage large volumes of work in a short period of time, by virtue of the fact that it’s a short program that takes place over just four months. Another aspect that the GDB helped me prepare for was relationship management. While I did come into the GDB with work experience, working and communicating in diverse groups is a key aspect you learn during the program, and something that is important in my current role as an Operational Buyer. Working within your GDB team and communicating with other teams in the program prepares you to work in an environment where you are managing others towards a common goal. The general business acumen you gain, such as knowledge of finance, accounting, and supply chains, also give you a greater understanding and familiarity with terms and concepts to better navigate strategy, business impact, and decision-making.

Make sure you do your research and talk to the program team during the application process to make sure that it’s the right fit for you. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to take away from the GDB, you might not get the most out of the program.

  • Undergraduate institution: McMaster University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BSc Life Sciences
  • Current Position: Project Management Associate, TD
AShaarujaa Nadarajah

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