Sebastian Jaramillo

Sebastian Jaramillo ('19)

Coming from an undergrad at Queen’s and having also completed the Certificate in Business program, I was already familiar with how Smith operated and the associated level of quality. I didn’t enjoy my undergraduate subject, so I wanted to pivot away from that into more of a business focus. The Smith GDB being an overall business fundamentals program was really enticing to me. The team-based learning that is part of the program is also something that makes the GDB such a unique opportunity.

The most impactful part of the GDB program was the team-based approach because it really is reflective of the real world of business. The accounting course provided me with a strong foundation within that area which is of great importance to every company’s business operations. The communications course also provided me with important skills that have been very useful in a professional context.

I would encourage prospective students to reach out to alumni, the program manager and other program resources to figure out if the GDB is good fit for them. It is a big investment in your future, both financially and with respect to your personal commitment. You need to be comfortable with talking to people, whether that’s through networking, your team, or delivering presentations, so you might as well start by reaching out to program staff and graduates when making your decision.

  • Undergraduate institution: Queen’s University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BAH Economics, with Certificate in Business and Certificate in Law
  • Current Position: Underwriting Analyst at Starr Insurance
ASebastian Jaramillo

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