Rebecca Deatcher

Rebecca Deatcher ('19)

I had a strong interest in leadership and wanted to strengthen my business acumen. After completing my undergraduate degree in Global Politics, I explored options such as law school and policy-related master’s programs. Ultimately, I felt as though obtaining a business education would best complement my existing skills and knowledge. The GDB was the perfect opportunity as it is designed for non-business grads. The team-based environment and Smith’s reputation were other key driving factors for me.

The breadth of material covered within the GDB allowed me to tackle more complex projects across many business functions in my role at a not-for-profit organization. Courses such as business strategy, leadership, finance and accounting allowed me to offer increasingly sophisticated business analysis with confidence. The GDB helped me become more agile and flexible in meeting the demands of an ever-changing business environment.

I would highly recommend that prospective students considering the GDB take advantage of this unique learning opportunity! The GDB not only challenged me academically and professionally, but it also created an opportunity for immense personal growth. Not having a strong quantitative background was a challenge for me, especially given the program’s fast-paced nature, however, the GDB taught me resilience and the importance of having patience with myself. Although I did not become a finance expert during the GDB, I did learn fundamental principles that would act as a seed for continued learning.

  • Undergraduate institution: Carleton University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BA Global Politics
  • Current Position: Junior Analyst at First Nations Market Housing Fund
ARebecca Deatcher

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