Rachel Green

Rachel Green ('22)

After taking a few commerce courses in the last two years of my undergrad, I developed an interest in business and realized my most valuable skills were well suited to a career in this field. I thought my options were limited in pivoting from a science background to the business world, but when I came across the GDB, I knew it was the perfect way to go about this. The opportunity to take fundamental business courses that count towards the MBA while studying in a team-based learning environment and working with the career center was the perfect set of tools to make me a well-rounded and competitive candidate for the professional workforce.

In the short time since I graduated, I have already been able to leverage my experiences with leadership, diversity, teamwork, large work volumes, and professionalism in interviews. I could never have navigated all that is necessary to job hunt and prepare for future employment without the resources provided by the GDB and the faculty/staff at Smith.

The intensity may seem intimidating, but the team structure provides you with lots of support and makes everything so much more fun!

Although it is vital to keep your options open and explore what all the different industries offer, it helps to have a bit of focus by the second half of the program to streamline your path and not get overwhelmed! Stay motivated and push yourself outside your comfort zone to learn and grow. The GDB environment is the perfect place to make as many new connections as possible, whether through your classmates, professors, the CAC, or the alumni network. To get the most out of the program, you should be ready to commit all-in to the four months and use every recourse available. It is a lot of work but an extremely rewarding pay-off.

This past summer was one of the best yet and will be hard to beat!

  • Undergraduate institution: Queen's University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BScH Life Sciences
  • Current Position: Application Advisor, Smith School of Business
ARachel Green

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