Rachel  Costello

Rachel Costello ('20)

After completing my B.A. (Honours) in Political Science from Queen's, I received a wonderful internship opportunity at one of Canada's most renowned non-profit organizations. I worked at this organization for 4 years and while I loved the cause and the social impact, I felt I was reaching a point in my career trajectory where I'd struggle to gain long term growth if I didn't seek greater educational opportunities. I had always been interested in completing an MBA, but I wasn't certain I would excel in business school and lacked clarity on the aspects of business I was truly interested in from a career standpoint. I loved the idea of the GDB because it allowed me to "test out" business education through an immersive 4-month program where I could earn a business diploma & an understanding of core business fundamentals without having to make the full financial or time commitment of an MBA. The GDB is also unique in the fact that it's a "stepping stone" program towards an MBA. After completing the GDB, you can enter the workforce or apply your credits toward an MBA at Smith in the future. Whether you choose the MBA route or not, earning your GDB in and of itself is a valuable investment.

After completing the GDB, I had 3 job offers within a month, even in the midst of a global pandemic. The GDB really helped set me apart from other candidates as I not only had work experience and an undergrad, but I also had an added layer of fundamental business knowledge that could be put to use in a variety of roles within a company.

Coming from an Arts background, I was really apprehensive about quantitative courses like finance, economics, and accounting. I remember getting 100% on my first accounting quiz and absolutely loving what I was learning in class. The professors in the GDB program are great at distilling complicated information & teaching in a way that everyone can understand & apply in professional or personal application after the program.

I would advise those considering the GDB to take the time to invest in yourself! The GDB is so much more than just "business education". You receive career coaching, team coaching, personal insights, networking skills & access to an incredible alumni base. It can be hard to step away from a career as a young professional once you're in it but think about where you want to be in 10 years. Without a doubt, the GDB will get you one step closer to your version of success as the knowledge you gain in the program can be utilized by you in so many different ways to achieve your goals.”

  • Undergraduate institution: Queen’s University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: B.A. (Honours) Political Science and Government
  • Current Position: People & Culture at Luxy Hair
ARachel  Costello

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