Max Grenzberg

Max Grenzberg ('19)

I was doing a lot of research into other shorter-term programs that could jumpstart my career, and I couldn’t find anything else that gives you master’s-level credits in such a condensed period of time. To complete the same coursework in other programs would take twice as long, and as a young person eager to start your career, that time is so valuable.

The team aspect of the GDB really appealed to me as well. I work in the restaurant industry and I’ve learned you can never be too good at working in teams and understanding their dynamics. The GDB allows students to develop vital skills for working effectively with a diverse group of people, just as we must do throughout our careers.

So much of the coursework gave me knowledge that is relevant to the position I entered after finishing the program. Managing Human Capital taught us how to effectively lead and motivate individuals using incentives apart from money, which is crucial in the hospitality industry where we operate on fine margins and people come from all different backgrounds. Negotiations not only provided me with valuable skills for formal negotiation settings, but it also helped me to improve my ability to navigate the subtle, informal negotiations of everyday life. The knowledge and skills I gained in the accounting course have allowed me to feel comfortable analyzing financial statements and has enabled me to make informed decisions for the future financial success of the business.

My biggest piece of advice for applicants would be to go all in and, if you can, focus completely on the program. The condensed nature of the GDB really makes it a full-time commitment and there’s so much to absorb in such a short period of time. Embracing and supporting your team is another big part of getting the most out of your time in the GDB program. Spending time with your team outside of work sessions is something that I found really valuable, because it brought our team closer together and created the strong support network necessary to thrive under pressure.

  • Undergraduate institution: University of British Columbia
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BA Combined Major in Political Science and Philosophy, Minor in Law and Society
  • Current Position: Chef at Virtuous Pie
AMax Grenzberg

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