Kebbie Brown

Kebbie Brown ('22)

The Smith GDB was the perfect academic bridge between my quantitative undergrad program in mathematics and my future career aspirations in the business world. The program offers exposure to a variety of industries through the lens of today’s evolving social and economic landscape. The speed and intensity of the program challenges students academically to work outside their comfort zone while providing ample opportunities to learn the fundamentals of finance and business. In parallel with your independent studies, the team-based framework nurtures personal and interpersonal growth that set a solid foundation for leadership roles. Finally, I would be remiss not to mention the warm, welcoming and professional environment within Smith. The unparalleled team of high-level team coaches, individual career coaches, professors and the faculty’s support staff extends beyond the classroom to ensure a well-rounded experience for all students. Upon completion, the GDB program welcomes you into the globally connected Smith Alumni network – an invaluable asset to have above and beyond the educational experience. I feel privileged to be a Smith GDB graduate and would welcome any questions from prospective students.

  • Undergraduate institution: University of British Columbia
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: B.Sc. in Mathematics
  • Current Position: Managing Director at Whimble Care Inc. in the health tech industry and MBA Candidate at Smith School of Business, Queen's University.
AKebbie Brown

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