Karn  Rai

Karn Rai ('19)

There are a variety of different programs across different institutions that provide a business education, but it was clear that pursuing the GDB at Smith was the perfect fit for me. Along with the prestige of the Smith name, the professors and director of the program are top notch; having personable leadership is paramount to the experience of an intensive program such as the GDB. From the first interview on, you get a feel and understanding of the comradery and professional development that awaits.

I can confidently say that completing the GDB has positively impacted my career and personal life. Being a Juris Doctor (JD) graduate, I have been able to successfully leverage the diploma in interviews for firms across the province. Without a doubt, the GDB refines interpersonal skills. I found myself feeling more confident speaking to a wide range of personalities.

The pivotal component of the GDB is the growth you experience with your team. Working alongside your team, growing with one another, is not only one of the best academic learning opportunities, but it’s also just a wonderful experience in general. Learning when to defer to others and when to step up to the plate yourself gives you the confidence to work effectively in a variety of situations. The experiences you share with your team have a truly positive life-lasting impact.

The idea of taking the GDB might feel intimidating, and it is challenging, but the things you learn along the way are worthwhile. I learned about business, but I also learned a lot about myself. I learned about my strengths, weaknesses and how to adjust and push through obstacles. The support system that is always by your side throughout the program allows you to flourish. There are many challenging moments but there are also countless memories made along the way that confidently allow me to say pursuing the GDB was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Jump in and do it! It is truly an invaluable experience that broadens the opportunities available to you, and it will open the door to an incredible network of both people and career opportunities. The knowledge, network, and reputation of the Smith GDB program will enable you to test your personal and professional boundaries and create a future-proof version of yourself that will allow you to achieve success for years to come.

  • Undergraduate institution: University of Waterloo
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BA Legal Studies
  • Current Position: Law Student at Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers, Juris Doctor - JD (’20) at Queen’s University (completed concurrently with GDB)
AKarn  Rai

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