Janna Ryan

Janna Ryan ('20)

I was looking to get a solid overarching foundation in business to compliment my arts undergrad degree. I knew gaining tangible business knowledge would be an asset as I entered the work force. When considering a graduate level business diploma, I liked that the GDB was an accelerated program over the summer months, which would allow me to start working full-time earlier than anticipated. Additionally, I was interested in completing an MBA in the future and I loved that all of the GDB courses were transferable credits to the Smith Full-time MBA program.

Through the GDB I have gained valuable soft and technical skills that I believe make me an asset in the workplace. I gained quantitative and qualitive business skills that I use at work on a day-to-day basis, and various soft skills such as strong communication skills, adaptability, and confidence in my ability to make a positive impact through my work. I believe this combination of acquired skills makes me a well-rounded employee. My advice to prospective students is to look into what this program offers to see if it aligns with their objectives. Dedication is key to excel in the GDB, and you truly will get out what you put into the program. Additionally, if you are worried about succeeding in the program because you feel you’re only strong at either quantitative or qualitative courses, don’t let that be a reason to turn down this program. If you put the effort in, you can be successful.

  • Undergraduate institution: Western University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BAH Philosophy and Commerce
  • Current Position: Digital Marketing Coordinator at Invest Ottawa
AJanna Ryan

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