Gurleen Bath

Gurleen Bath ('19)

I was at a turning point in my academic career doing an undergrad in life sciences and not following the traditional path of studying to be a doctor, dentist or scientist. I felt unsure of what I wanted to do next. I knew business school was something that I was always interested in pursuing, but I wasn’t ready for a full-length master’s program at the time. That’s where the Smith GDB really stood out to me; it gave me the opportunity to get some formal training in key business courses while also providing me with the opportunity to network and learn fundamental soft skills.

The GDB taught me a lot more than theory and knowledge from a textbook. This program taught me how to work in high pressure scenarios and how to adapt and collaborate in a dynamic team setting. All of these skills have transferred directly to my current work endeavours.

The Smith GDB will give you back as much as you put into it. Immerse yourself in the experience and put in 110 per cent of your effort! You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll take away from the program at the end of the four months.

  • Undergraduate institution: University of Toronto
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BScH Double Major in Human Biology and Psychology
  • Current Position: IT Consultant with Canadian Border Security Agency (Federal Government) and part-time co-op student with RBC in their Data Science & AI team
  • Graduate Studies: Master of Data Science at Harvard Extension School (’22), Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence at Schulich School of Business (’21)
AGurleen Bath

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