Clement  Lai

Clement Lai ('19)

As a Bachelor of Science graduate, there were not a lot of opportunities available in the job market. The GDB served as a great medium to bridge the gap between my education and career aspirations, in terms of technical knowledge and job opportunity. It is extra lucrative to have a curriculum tailor made for non-business graduates at the renowned Smith School of Business.

The MBA-level courses provided all the necessary technical skills to succeed in my current supply chain role, in both inventory management and analytics. Moreover, the emphasis on oral presentation allowed me to present ideas and results with confidence to any level within my organization. Finally, as a result of the focus on group synergy, cohesion and leadership within the GDB program, I am extremely comfortable working in a team or leading a project. All in all, the GDB made me a more well-rounded candidate to succeed in the professional world.

The GDB is only a four-month program. As much as you should spend time to excel in academics, it is equally as important to expand your social circle and network. The GDB offers multiple opportunities to meet with representatives from companies, and to tap into the vast alumni network. It is through these channels that I landed my current role, so I urge you to take advantage of these connections.

  • Undergraduate institution: McGill University
  • Undergraduate Field of Study: BSc Major in Pharmacology
  • Current Position: International Transportation Coordinator at The Home Depot
AClement  Lai

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