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Areas of Specialization

As an MSc student, you will select from nine areas of specialization.

1. Accounting

Accepting Social/Behavioural accounting applications 2022-2023

The MSc in Accounting program is designed for people intending to pursue doctoral (PhD) studies in accounting. It is not appropriate for people who intend to pursue professional accounting practice or consulting. The program provides an advanced conceptual foundation in accounting that allows for the pursuit of highly-focused research. Students will receive exposure to a broad range of accounting research and gain experience in the process of conducting research in their own areas of interest.
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2. Analytics

Smith's MSc in Analytics provides students who are interested in analytical approaches to managerial problems the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the theory and apply concepts useful in developing advanced decision-making processes.

Students will first develop a grounding in operations research models, applied statistics, and solving complex optimization problems. The program provides ample opportunity to focus on applications such as revenue management, operations, and supply chain management.

Graduates of this program will be well-prepared to pursue doctoral (PhD) studies, as well as analytical positions in consulting, financial services, or logistics.
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3. Business Economics

The MSc in Business Economics provides students who are interested in applied economics research the opportunity to study areas of economics that more closely relate to the management of organizations. Students will first develop a grounding in micro-economic theory and econometrics; then focus on more applied topics including application to entrepreneurship, industrial organization, competitive strategy and international trade.

This program will prepare you for entry into a high quality doctoral (PhD) program, as well as research oriented positions in consulting, banking, government and public policy.
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4. Digital Technology

The MSc in Digital Technology provides an understanding of how information systems and technology can be used effectively by organizations. Students will first develop a grounding in research methods, the management and effects of information systems.

This program provides a behavioural, rather than technical, approach to digital technology management. It is designed to prepare students for doctoral (PhD) studies. However, some graduates have taken positions in consulting, IT, and government agencies.

Although not required, relevant work experience is a benefit.
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5. Finance

The MSc in Finance is designed for people who wish to pursue doctoral (PhD) studies or research oriented careers with financial institutions, consulting firms, or regulatory agencies. It is not appropriate for people who wish to pursue a career in financial or general management.

Students will develop a deeper grounding in financial theory and empiricism, and then delve into advanced derivatives valuation, corporate finance, empirical topics and research methods.
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6. International Business

The MSc in International Business is designed to provide a broad overview of the international management field including key theories, trends, phenomena, and the methods that are used to study them. Courses will introduce students to the key elements of a global strategic orientation by examining the ways in which economic globalization and a firm’s international presence has an impact upon its organization, processes, and competitive advantage business strategy. In addition, students will study the major terms, constructs, theories, and debates in the cross-cultural management field.
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7. Marketing

The MSc in Marketing is designed for students wishing to pursue doctoral (PhD) studies and an academic career. In the program, students will establish a solid grounding in marketing strategy and management and consumer behaviour. They will also have the opportunity to conduct in-depth research into the area of marketing that is of most interest to them. Examples include branding, brand management, consumer persuasion, consumer fairness, consumer activism, and the impact and use of social media.
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8. Organizational Behaviour

The MSc in Organizational Behaviour provides students with a solid foundation for understanding and conducting research in the area organizational behaviour. The field draws on several disciplines, including psychology, sociology, and economics, and examines the behaviour of individuals, groups and organizations.

The program is designed to prepare students for doctoral (PhD) studies and an academic career.
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9. Strategy

The MSc in Strategy provides a thorough understanding of organizational strategies and structures, and how organizations relate to their economic, institutional, and social environment. Building on their course work, students will develop their research skills by exploring in-depth their chosen topic for their MSc research project.

Graduates of the program are well-prepared for doctoral (PhD) studies or a career in consulting or corporate strategy.
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