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Discover your pathway to a career in law or business

Law and Business are high demand professions that offer many career possibilities. Find out more about these exciting fields!

  • Learn how lawyers are expert problem-solvers who provide advice to businesses and help to protect workers, consumers and the environment
  • Explore what you can do with a business degree, from working in artificial intelligence, international banking, sports management, marketing, retail and more
  • Discover the university experience, and what skills and courses will help get you there
  • Learn about the resources, community and support available to Indigenous students at Queen’s

Inclusive Learning

Network, make connections and forge friendships through this highly interactive experience. We are all learning together.

Online Format

Enjoy live, online delivery in a virtual classroom. Participate from your home, school or community centre.

Supports Path to
Higher Education

Discover the steps you need to take to pursue a business or law degree. Set yourself up for future success now.

Earn a Program

Receive a Certificate in the mail upon completion of the virtual summer camp.

Ann Deer


This camp is designed to support you, our future leaders, in discovering careers you can be passionate about. You'll explore law and business, and get to know Queen's University. Remember: you can realize your dream, whatever the dream is.

Ann Deer (ann.deer@queensu.ca) Indigenous Recruitment and Initiatives Coordinator

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For more information about the Business and Law programs at Queen's University, please visit our program web pages.

Queen's Law building

Queen's Law

Queen’s Law empowers the next generation of leaders in law and public service. We are committed to providing Canada’s best legal education in an inclusive, innovative and collaborative learning environment. We provide access to legal education through an undergraduate certificate program that helps students gain a fundamental understanding of Canadian Law, and explore the subject of law before committing to law school, as well as professional degree programs designed to prepare students for the future legal workforce.

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Smith School of Business

Smith Commerce

Smith's four-year Bachelor of Commerce program is designed to develop exceptional leaders, valuable team members and highly effective managers. Get a deep understanding of business strategies and concepts, including innovations that are changing the nature of work. Smith provides a powerful sense of community — highly engaged faculty, personal support from staff and counsellors, and a passionate alumni family. All committed to your success.

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